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Thrive Through This

Supporting UMD faculty and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak

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From Thriving Workplace, Fierce is back!
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Office Hours with CLOC

Drop in for support. Drop in for advice. Drop in for coaching. Drop in to take advantage of free 20-minute "office hour" sessions with CLOC consultants to help you navigate this uncertain terrain. Conversations are confidential, customized to your needs, and can take place via Zoom or phone. Topics people have found useful talking through include:

  • Coping with burnout
  • Getting work done in times of uncertainty
  • Re-adjusting priorities
  • Thinking creatively to address work-related problems
  • Planning for the future
  • Managing your own and others’ anxiety

Learn & Grow

Free 40-minute interactive online sessions with information, tips, and strategies to help you thrive. Topics include:

  • Be Calm to Share Calm
  • Be Compassionate
  • Communicate Often
  • Praise More
  • Focus on Work
  • Work and Children: Sharing the Space
  • Stomp those ANTs (Automatic Negative Thinking)
  • Psychological Safety: It’s a Thing
  • Trust and Be Trusted

#AloneTogether Workspace

  • Having trouble creating and protecting focused work time on your calendar?
  • So busy jumping from Zoom call to Zoom call that you can’t get real work done?
  • Finding yourself distracted from the task(s) at hand when working from home?
  • Missing a sense of community with your colleagues?
Join us at the #AloneTogether Workspace, a 90-minute work session via Zoom that blocks time on your calendar, lets you work on your individual project while in virtual fellowship with your colleagues, reduces isolation, and adds gentle peer accountability.

Give & Take Commons

Drop by the Commons to share materials you are creating and grab things that you can modify for your corner of the campus.


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We also continue to partner with the President's Office to support the Thriving Workplace Initiative.